The Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) has appointed the Accountability Accelerator to host target validation services for its corporate science-based targets for nature. The validation services are expected to launch later this year.

As SBTN’s interim assurance provider, the Accelerator will work with partners to evaluate each company submitting science-based nature targets for validation through an independent expert review process, consisting of internal and external validators. The process will check companies’ compliance against requirements to ensure their targets are robust and in line with what science requires, supporting the public claims companies can make once their targets are validated.

SBTN has also called for Expressions of Interest from companies wanting to use the upcoming target validation services to set science-based targets for nature. The open call comes as SBTN’s corporate pilot to implement the first targets for nature and pilot the target validation process, which has provided insights for SBTN to strengthen its framework and methods, comes to an end.

As SBTN’s target validation services prepare to launch, the Accelerator is finalizing its governance model, building a dedicated platform to facilitate companies’ target submissions and validations, and recruiting and training its validators.

Science-based targets for nature are a vital means for enabling companies to take ambitious, measurable action on climate and nature in tandem, for the long-term resilience of business, people and planet. The Accelerator becoming host of SBTN’s target validation function marks a vital step in safeguarding the integrity of the targets and ensuring an independent and rigorous evaluation process.

The Accountability Accelerator will host the external validation process for an estimated interim period of two to three years. During this period, the Accountability Accelerator will ensure a clear separation between the core functions of method development by SBTN and target validation, while allowing SBTN to monitor and learn from the process. This interim period is crucial as it provides SBTN the opportunity to refine its approach and establish the most effective long-term target validation model and provider.