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Strengthening corporate accountability for nature over the next decade is critical.


While there are increasing numbers of frameworks, targets, and guidance aiming to enable companies and financial institutions to halt and reverse nature loss, these are not enough; we need to enable business. A functioning accountability ecosystem drives action, is inclusive of all stakeholders and impacted communities, addresses inequality, and has consequences for inaction.


The Accountability Accelerator supports, scales, and coordinates the efforts of accountability stakeholders to strengthen this accountability ecosystem.

How we work


The Accountability Accelerator works across three Programs:


Convene and orchestrate accountability stakeholders to coordinate actions and resources between nature, climate and people around the world


Grant support to organizations that spur corporate and financial institution action and strengthen the transformation ecosystem

Target Validation

Independent validation of companies’ science-based targets for nature


News and insights from across the Accelerator

Accountability Accelerator Strategic Workshop

Accountability Accelerator Strategic Workshop

What does a thriving accountability ecosystem need to succeed? How does it ensure businesses and financial institutions take an integrated approach to deliver positive outcomes for nature, people, climate? (click to read more)

Nature Accountability Landscape Mapping

The Accountability Accelerator has undertaken a comprehensive mapping of the nature-focused corporate accountability ecosystem. The result is a global, interactive, visual mapping tool designed to bring transparency and connection to the accountability ecosystem (click to read more)

Launch of the Nature Accountability Map at COP28

Over more than a year, the Accountability Accelerator and our partners Vibrant Data Labs (VDL) have been mapping the landscape of actors that are engaged—or potentially could be engaged—on corporate accountability for Nature. (click to read more)


The Accountability Accelerator empowers organizations all over the world to contribute to a global corporate accountability ecosystem for nature. We do this by mapping and convening relevant stakeholders, by coordinating and orchestrating how they can better work together, and by making grants to ensure they have the resources they need.

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Who we are

As a re-granter, the Accelerator is a field catalyst, playing the role of a mycorrhizal network—the connective tissue that enables a healthy accountability ecosystem. Like mycelium in a forest, we move resources to where they are most needed, funding stakeholders and filling ecosystem gaps. We make connections and enable alignment to create a better environment for stakeholder growth by addressing root problems and supporting the foundations of ecosystem stability.

About the Accountability Accelerator

Featured Grantees

We work with a wide range of brilliant partners on collective action to safeguard the global commons. Here, we highlight a small handful of those partners.



Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF)

The Finance & Nature Toolbox - Putting tools to use – Seeing the wood from the trees – From awareness to Action


Independent journalism that aims to conduct an investigation into the impacts of a controversial petroleum exploration at the mouth of the Amazon.

Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW)

Enhancing corporate accountability through an online platform: Mapping and monitoring the impact of extractive investment and operations in Africa.


Strengthening the accountability of the energy sector to protect the land, territory and natural resources of communities in the Global South.

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