A resource to orient and equip companies and financial institutions within the landscape of business guidance, management tools, methodologies, and disclosure frameworks. To address nature and climate action and transparency, moving them closer to nature-positive outcomes and informing discussions which will help move voluntary action to mandatory regulatory action.


Nature Accountability Landscape Mapping

The accountability landscape for corporate commitments related to nature is fragmented with many gaps when it comes to data and standards, finance, legal and campaign efforts.

This leaves key stakeholders – from advocacy NGOs to investors, lawyers, and grassroots organisations without the information to understand corporate actions on nature and hold them accountable to their commitments and actions. 

To address this, the Accountability Accelerator has undertaken a comprehensive mapping of the nature-focused corporate accountability ecosystem. The result is a global, interactive, visual mapping tool designed to bring transparency and connection to the accountability ecosystem, serving as a tool to inform accountability stakeholder engagements, strategy and funding.

This work is being expanded with a deep focus on the most important ecosystems on the planet: Amazonia, South Africa and the Congo, and SouthEast Asia.