Justiça Global


Project: Accountability architecture in corporate activities: Grão-Pará Maranhão Project

Project Cluster: Legal

Organization: Justiça Global

Project Implementation Location(s): South America

Project Year: 2023 – 2025

Project Summary: This proposal intends to: 1. Scrutinize the business architecture of the Grão-Pará Project, including its parent management company (Holding Grão-Pará Maranhão) and the other companies involved, whether as shareholders, managers, consultants, operators or investors in the Project; 2. Map, in conjunction with local individuals, the potential environmental and social impacts arising from the installation of the Grão-Pará Project in the region, using the methodology of Human Rights Impact Assessment; 3. Systematise and analyse the information regarding the undertaking’s environmental licensing procedure; 4. Advocate so that the German company involved in the project is subjected to the German Due Diligence Act in German territory, in conjunction with German civil society organisations; 5. Create, based on the case study of the Grão-Pará Project, a set of recommendations that can point out – beyond the circumstances of this specific case – the necessary systemic changes for corporate accountability and due diligence regarding human rights. All actions of this proposal will be planned and developed in dialogue with movements and organisations working on the territory.