Systems Transformation Hub


Project: Strengthening EU Corporate Accountability for Nature Outcomes

Project Implementation Location(s): Europe

Project Year: 2024 – 2025

Project Cluster: Data & Standards

Organization: Systems Transformation Hub

Project Summary: The System Transformation Hub aims to counter the backlash against nature-positive related legislation and tackle the narrative that suggest people and nature outcomes are incompatible. They will leverage science-based data to demonstrate that healthy societies rely on a resilient natural environment and influence European policy favorably towards nature-positive legislation. There are signs of decreasing political support for green initiatives in Europe, and the Hub aims to maintain European leadership in corporate accountability for nature outcomes. This will include new policy frameworks, enhanced narratives on the economic, social and nature link, and engagement of stakeholders for systemic change, without direct lobbying. The Hub will provide policymakers with the scientific and narrative tools necessary for integrating nature into economic and social policies.