Project: Embedding Biodiversity in our Global Investment System

Project Cluster: Finance

Organization: ShareAction

Project Implementation Location(s): Global

Project Year: 2022 – 2023

Project Summary: ShareAction aims to bring together a consortium of funders and experts in the field of biodiversity to support an initial four-year programme of work. As such, we are applying to the Global Commons Accountability Accelerator for a contribution in support of the overall, four-year programme.

The project expects to achieve the following outcomes by the culmination of the initial four-year programme:

– The largest asset managers, banks and insurers will all acknowledge the urgency to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity – at least a third will have a standalone cross-sectoral biodiversity policy.

– Financial institutions will have improved their own commitments and encouraged clients and investee companies to implement plans to protect biodiversity in particularly sensitive areas beyond World Heritage Sites.

– The Top 4 agrochemical companies will have made commitments and be implementing plans to phase out products that are harmful to nature and transition to nature-positive business models. – UK and EU policymakers will acknowledge the urgency to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity, and the TNFD, and other initiatives, will be leveraged to ensure key regulations reflect the need for financial actors to account for biodiversity.