Project: Strengthening the accountability of the energy sector to protect the land, territory and natural resources of communities in the Global South.

Project Cluster: Legal

Organization: ProDESC

Project Implementation Location(s): North America

Project Year: 2022 – 2023

Project Summary: For this project, the organisations will rely on their multi-year experience supporting the indigenous community of Unión Hidalgo, Mexico. This community is defending their land, territory and natural resources from the French corporation Électricité de France (EDF), which plans to build the largest wind park in Latin America and, in doing so, has violated the human rights of the community, particularly the rights to free, prior and informed consent and the right to defend human rights. This project aims to contribute to the creation of a system of positive and negative incentives to hold transnational corporations accountable for violations of human rights. This will be done by focusing on the intersectionalities of climate justice (including the management of global commons) and corporate accountability, with a particular focus on the construction of legal precedents, narratives and advocacy stemming from the Global South.