Project: Impacts of Petroleum Exploration in the Amazon

Project Implementation Location(s): South America – Brazil

Project Year: 2024 – 2025

Project Cluster: Campaigns

Organization: InfoAmazonia

Project Summary: InfoAmazonia is an independent journalism medium that aims to conduct an investigation into the impacts of a controversial petroleum exploration at the mouth of the Amazon. The sedimentary basin at the mouth of the Amazon is imperative to biodiversity conservation, comprising 80% of Brazil’s mangroves, an extensive and unexplored reef system and freshwater and sea water corals. It is a critical source for the livelihoods of thousands of people.The investigation proposed will provide an understanding of how the countries and communities impacted will manage both the vast revenues generated into their economies as well as the multitude of risks and damages associated with exploration on the Amazon and an understanding of a future without a dependency on fossil fuels.