Accountability Counsel


Project: Using International Accountability Mechanisms to Protect Ecosystems in Mongolia and Beyond

Project Cluster: Legal

Organization: Accountability Counsel

Project Implementation Location(s): Asia

Project Year: 2023 – 2024

Project Summary: This project aims to support local communities to effectively use accountability offices tied to internationally financed projects to hold corporations and their investors to their environmental commitments and to prevent, mitigate, and remedy environmental and social harms that may arise from these projects. The project contributes to a multi-layered accountability system by bringing together stakeholders who usually do not interact to build understanding about environmental impacts, to engage in dialogue towards remediating harm, and to catalyse systemic changes in corporate behaviour.

Project goal: To ensure that effective and robust accountability systems are in place to deter environmental and social abuses; communities can take part in decisions that affect them and secure remedies for harm; and international institutions and corporations respect communities and prevent abuses.