Accountability Accelerator Strategic Workshop

Accountability Accelerator Strategic Workshop

What does a thriving accountability ecosystem need to succeed?

How does it ensure businesses and financial institutions take an integrated approach to deliver positive outcomes for nature, people, climate?

How do we incentivize, enable, pressure, and hold corporations accountable for delivering on their nature commitments?

These were just some of the questions our team tackled at our strategy workshop this week.

Our key takeaway…

Our mission is a big one, but we have the strategy, team and partners around the world to help scale the accountability architecture and achieve it.

We’ve had significant success in the last couple of years and we are excited to work with all our partners in the coming years to accelerate accountability to enable a safe and just future for people and planet.

Thanks to Aditi Thorat and Matthew Kentridge for joining us.

And the wonderful The Conduit team.

Thank you to our amazing colleagues within the Global Commons Alliance and at all our partners and collaborators.

Accountability Accelerator Team